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what is matterial?

So what is matterial? matterial is a free and open source unified media processor.

With it you can do non-linear editing and compositing for movies. You can use it to compose music or create sound effects. You can use it for sound synthesis. Or you can even use it to create classical animations or 3D graphics. If it's art related (and it can be done on a computer), then matterial has the potential to handle it.

But the real power of matterial comes when you want to combine any of these activities together!

And best of all, it is Free!

If you want to learn more about matterial, go to the About section to read more about it. If you want to see what matterial looks like, you can go to the Screenshots section. Also, if you'd like to see how matterial works, you can take a look at the Developer section.



So what's the status of matterial?

matterial is made up of various components. Some components -- like the matterial compositor, mFlip (the matterial Flip Book), and matterial Junior -- are applications to be used by the artist. Other components facilitate the back-end of matterial, and are of interest, only, to developers (and not artists).

Each component, of matterial, is in its own stage of completion. The three applications, matterial compositor, mFlip (the matterial Flip Book), & matterial Junior, are in pre-alpha, beta, and pre-alpha stages, respectively (as of Sunday March 12, 2002).

The back end, of matterial, collectively ranges from planning to pre-alpha stage (as of Sunday March 12, 2002).

If you want to help with the development of matterial, see the How To Help section.


latest news

Wednesday March 28, 2001. Code for the matterial digital compositing application has been commited to the our CVS. Hackers who want to start playing with it should go to the matterial project's developer section to get the code.

Sunday February 18, 2001. Seeing as the website has not been updated in a long time, here is a new flash, as to what has been happening. Code has been writen, and like public pre-alpha testing can happen soon. Also, the website will be overhauled soon.

Wednesday July 19, 2000. This is just a quick update (for those that don't read the mailing list). Since the last news update, the matterial development team has been busy working on the internal design of matterial and considering HCI & UI factors.

Click here to see more news.


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