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The matterial project works with various other groups and projects. Here, you will find a list of the matterial project's partners.

  • Crow
    The Crow is a Free (as in Freedom) Non-linear editing (NLE) application for Unix.

    The Crow will (eventually) work seemlessly with all other matterialized applications.

  • Gimpeon
    Gimpeon is a movie compositing system that works with Gimp plug-in system.

    Gimpeon will (eventually) work seemlessly with all other matterialized applications.

  • MadMovies
    MadMovies is wxWindows based special effects software package.

    MadMovies and the matterial Project are working together in the creation of various plug-ins, filters, generators, etc. And MadMovies will eventually use the same plug-in architecture as matterial... i.e., matterialize.

  • SchoolForge
    The matterial Junior application has become part SchoolForge software offering.

    matterial Junior, being a simple NLE application, is well suited for use by children and students.

  • Stuntman
    Stuntman aims to be an NLE and DVE.

    The matterial Project is work to incorporate the ideas from Stuntman into matterial.


what is a partner?

A partner is a project, group, indiviual, company, or some other entity that gives its support to the matterial Projects, and who the matterial Project gives back its support to. The support in the partner relationship goes both ways.

(Those groups that simply support the matterial Project, without expecting anything (or very much) to be reciprocated are called Sponsors and can be seen in the Sponsors section. More information about sponsorship can be found in the Sponsors section.)


want to become a partner?

Becoming a partner is easy. Just join the matterial Developers Mailing List and tell us you would like to become a partner. (See our Mailing List page for info on how to join the matterial Developers Mailing List.) Of course you will also have to tell us about the nature of the partnership you want to form.


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