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For anyone interested in getting into development on the matterial project, we (strongly) suggest you join the matterial Developers Mailing List. That is where all newest development is taking place. (And where you'll find the very latest code.) If you wish to find out what is happening with the development of matterial, please look in on it.

Also, if you need help with anything: like getting the latest code, compiling the code, just getting started, or anything else, then the matterial Developers Mailing List is the place to get help.

The matterial Project is made up of various parts. Currently there are three applications: the matterial Compositor, mFlip (the matterial Flip Book), and matterial Junior. (Also, you can refer to the Partner page to see other applications that seemlessly work, or will eventually seemlessly work, with other matterialized applications.)

These applications are only what the end-user sees. There is a whole back-end to matterial that makes all the magic happen. When an application uses this back-end, we say that application has been matterialized. And, this back-end is usually called matterialize.

matterialize is the system that allows art software to work together. (So any software that uses matterialize, will work seemlessly with any other software that uses matterialize.)

To get the official release of various matterial source code go to the Download page. If you want newer (and possibly unstable) versions of the various matterial source code get it from the CVS. The very latest stuff is going to be on the computers of various matterial Developers, so to get that, you will have to ask for it on the matterial Developers Mailing List.

If you need help getting started with or using CVS, you can refer to The CVS book; there is an online version too.

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